Americans Are Fat Because the Government Is Poisoning Our Water With Mind Control Chemicals

People like to say how often Americans are obese. But rarely do they then say “because the government is poisoning them, how sad” but that’s exactly the state of America today. Our government has mandated and pushed city after city to dump poisonous fluoride into the drinking water. Everytime you drink a diet soda, or buy a quart of orange juice, or a jar of fruit juice, it’s all been reconstituted with poison water. Even the ice cubes we buy at the stores are filled with poison.

Why? Because the poison fluoride dumbs down a nation and makes them into easily herdable sheep. And we have been well poisoned over the years.

But that same powerful chemical, which kills just about everything and is used as an insecticide and to kill bacteria in our mouths, also damages the brain, causes bone cancer, and now that we buy it from China as industrial waste, it contains heavy metals and radioactive waste as well!

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We shipped all our topsoil over to China and Russia as we overfarmed our most productive lands. Now, destroyed, they supplement with chemicals to force plants to grow in a nutrient bare soil. This food looks similar, but tastes bland and has no nutrition. As our bodies scream for nutrients, we over eat.

Fluoride also causes problems, attacking the thyroid and causing loss of thyroid function. Another reason we get fat.

Finally the wheat we are eating is radiation modified and contains gliadin proteins which slip through holes in our intestines and cause a immune response which also attacks our thyroid. But doctors will never tell you that. Kill the thyroid, rip it out. that’s Western medicine for you. A bunch of addle brained idiots.


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