US No Longer Needs the Middle East for Oil So Why Are We Still At War There


It’s a simple fact that the US is now a net oil EXPORTER. So why do we still IMPORT billions of barrells from Saudi Arabia? Simple it’s to launder our money.

but there’s no reason for this. None at all. We could tell the middle east to go stuff it. And pull our troops out completely. Our oil supplies now meet domestic needs and the US-Mexico-Canada shelf is now self supplying. And things might only get better IF we hold our population back. Can you imagine how awash in oil we’d be if we stopped the invasion and held our population to 180 million?

Much of this gain is from fracking and we need to set up rigorous controls to protect our drinking waters from horrific practices in the fracking industry. But it can be done. And more research into fracking fluids and management would help – currently they simply leave left over fluid in large pits to evaporate! Fracking might need to be restricted where it encounters water supplies.

And sadly, much of the reason for us meeting our energy supply is because of the 14 yr long Hyper-Depression America is in.



  1. Hello Ms. Giavelli,

    I am writing to offer an answer to your question, “So why are we still at war there?,” though I think your question was meant rhetorically. We are still at war in the Middle East because it benefits Israel, and Israel – by and through its agents, lobbyists, dual-nationalists, and bought-and-paid-for goy politicians – is now in control of America’s domestic and foreign policy. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, the solution to the problem is not so simple. I don’t know how to expel the invaders, which is what must be done if America is to avoid becoming a tyrannical, welfare/warfare, police state. Heck, we may already be there.

    I hope you and those that you love are well.


    1. It is the post WWII dilemma, America became THE haven for jewish people and after Israel was created they did not leave. I am hopeful that as jewish people can be bright that it is simply an education issue. Certainly a brown/black raping muslim nation like sections of LONDON and all of MALMO is not what they desire, I think they simply cannot FATHOM that ever happen in America yet, send them to Los Angeles and you will see already many of our largest cities it has ALREADY happened. The sense that they will be SAFER by destroying the europanic nation has to be rejected by reality. Sadly people who hold these views are psychotics – see my latest article on ebola and the leftist psychosis

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