The Rape of the American Engineer Continues in Massive Numbers – H-1B Visas Sold OUT Obama Plans To Legalize Indians By Fiat!

It goes on day after day year after year. The silent genocide of American engineers in the FFSA. No outcry. No reporting on television is permitted. Just a silent death every year as Americans who aren’t too old flee from the profession and become lawyers and god knows what.

In 2012 the FFSA* granted 577,298 new LCA or labor certifications for H-1B visas. The companies grab them up in bulk they don’t need to have names of real people.

It’s like robosigning scandals in the mortgage industry. Its endless fraud from end to end. Even the vote to ramp the H-1B up to 200k a year was taken the night of the presidential debates after congress assured members to go home that there would be no more business for the day.

And week after week XukerFuk and Gates demand more visas, more visas, MORE! Their goal, replace brilliant creative American engineers who demand respect and equality with a MBAs personal army of stinky whores from India and China who will do what they are told, poorly.

The thing is, once a nation turns on its engineers, and passes laws to force them to be slaves, and taxes them on worldwide income so they can’t leave and can’t compete, that nation is doomed. Where would we be without engineers!

Posted on 2/21/2010, 10:20:44 AM by Clint Williams

The Senate holds hearings this week on complaints of taxpayer abuse by the Internal Revenue Service, but the agenda does not include the role of Congress itself in creating taxpayer woes, particularly for tens of thousands of computer programmers.

But just ask Midge Johnson, a would-be programming entrepreneur, about a long-standing tax law that is pointed specifically at software professionals and prevents many of them from setting up freelance businesses. Lately, the I.R.S. has been aggressively enforcing that law — even as computer programmers are in such short supply that the Clinton Administration is pouring millions of dollars into Federal initiatives to train** more of them.

It appears to be public policy in conflict with itself and it is making work life difficult for a category of citizens crucial to the digital economy.

Mrs. Johnson and thousands of other computer programmers who want to work for themselves instead of being employees have run afoul of a 1986 law in which Congress decreed that most individual programmers cannot be entrepreneurs.

The law generally excludes programmers from statutes giving employers some flexibility to use independent contractors.

The law, which was introduced by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Democrat of New York, was estimated to raise $60 million over five years…

A year after the law regarding contractors was enacted, the Senator tried to repeal it, but his bill died. In 1994, Senator William V. Roth, Republican of Delaware, the sponsor of this week’s hearings, wrote Mr. Moynihan saying the programmers should get relief. More than 60 other senators have written similar letters since 1994, but they have not voted to change the law.

Slowly our nation will wither and die as Americans pursue non-productive careers like ambulance chasing lawyers and we will spin into a new Idiocracy making Mike Judge’s vision seem tame by comparison. It’s already happened. The SAT was recently changed to remove “obscure” words from its vocabulary test. Because our kids are so dumb and don’t read so they never encounter intelligent speech anymore. I was sitting next to a SAT study group and asked them to hit me with some words. They were so easy it was ridiculous. I hit them with five words I had on MY sat and they looked at me with the blank stare of people who had never heard of them, one attempted a answer and got it totally wrong. That is the new generation, and that’s the SMART kids who are bothering to study for the SAT!

”Why does Congress say that I can’t go out and pursue the American dream and give my kids and grandkids things I couldn’t have?” asked Mrs. Johnson, who did not find out about the law until two years ago, after quitting her job with the consulting firm of Booz Allen & Hamilton in hopes of starting her own software programming business. ”And why,” she asked, ”is the I.R.S. so busy enforcing this law that keeps me from being an independent contractor?”

Senator Sessions gave a speech today objecting to Obama’s plan to import more Indians with fake degrees and legalize the cheaters who are here already taking away jobs from more qualified Americans. The numbers are huge – an estimated 4 million of these scab laborers have destroyed the lives of Americans —

“I’m sure this will make the activists, the politicians, and certain billionaire executives who enjoy dinner parties at the White House very happy that the president is doing these things. But what about what’s good for America? What about what’s this the interest of the American people? America is not an oligarchy. The masters of the universe, they don’t get to meet at the White House and decide how to run this country. When the American people learned what was in the Senate amnesty bill and guest worker bill that doubled the number of guest workers, for which every single Senate Democrat voted, the people said no, no, no.

He explained, “The House stopped the plan. but now the same groups who wrote this bill are working with the White House to extract the same benefits by executive fiat, by executive order. They had at least 20 secret meetings in July and August alone with the White House to plan this strategy.”

These measures, we are informed, would include a massive expansion in the admission of new foreign workers, including more workers for information technology jobs who are laying off Americans in fact more than they’re hiring. The proposals they have and are pushing and advocating would double the number of lawful workers, while not dealing effectively with the unlawful flow.

Every Senate Democrat is the President’s partner in this scheme as surely as if they wrote the executive orders themselves. As surely as if they were sitting right next to the interest groups huddling with White House aides to craft these orders.

So I have a message today to all the special interests, the global elites, the activists, and the cynical vote-counting political plotters that are meeting in secret at the White House. And the message is this: you don’t get to sit in a room and rewrite the laws of this country. Congress writes the laws. You may not be used to people telling you “no,” but I’m telling you “no” today.

But, it is critical that our Senate Democrats be willing to tell you “no” today too.

I also have a message for the American people: you have been right from the beginning. You have justly demanded that our borders be controlled, our laws enforced, and that, at long last, immigration policy serve the needs of our own people first. For this virtuous demand, you have been demeaned, even scorned by the governing class. They know so much, this cosmopolitan elite. They want you to believe your concerns are somehow illegitimate. That you are wrong for being worried about your jobs, or your schools, or your hospitals, or your communities, or your national security. These elite citizens of the world speak often of their concern for people living in poverty overseas, yet turn a blind eye to the poverty and suffering in their own country. They don’t want you to speak up. They don’t want you to be heard. They don’t want you to feel you have a voice.

But you do have a voice. And your message is being heard. And I am delivering that message to the Senate today.”

This is a moment of choosing for every Senator. Where will history record you stood?

* FFSA Formerly Free States of America
** the “millions in training” mentioned above is how congress sleeps at night, they devote a portion of the huge fees they charge for H-1B visas for Indians with fake degrees for training classes which include “introduction to sheet metal” and “what is a mouse” none of these “training” programs are ever used by the brilliant displaced engineers who do not need training. It is all a flat lie ruse to continue to propagate a rumor that American engineers are somehow lacking. If they DID promote real training the classes would be “SAP ABAP programming internals” “Android and iPhone advanced developent” “Big Data Processing with MapReduce and Hadoop” not “What is a mouse” which usually is a bunch of pre-verbal welfare illiterates they scrounge up and force (or PAY!) to go to these fake training programs which is they only way they have any attendance at all. 50% of all training grants go to train “medical assistants” not high tech workers. Here is one graduating class..

paid for with grants to retrain tech workers?

paid for with grants to retrain tech workers?

“In 2012, WERC was awarded a grant by the US Department of Labor to train 20 registered nurses to become Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners. ”


Just look at the awards list themselves. Its health care and manufacturing, and other grants to community colleges. I’ve never seen a appropriate retraining class for IT offered at a community college. NEVER.

where is the retraining for the four million tech people who were thrown away so fatcat ceos could hire Indians with fake degrees?

where is the retraining for the four million tech people who were thrown away so fatcat ceos could hire Indians with fake degrees?

Yep. That’s helping tech workers for sure.

Finally I checked the web sites for all the people listed who received grants for “technology” and could find NO training programs referenced so I wrote them emails! No one has replied!

do any of the groups who walked away with $5 MILLION offer training? I doubt it!

do any of the groups who walked away with $5 MILLION offer training? I doubt it!

techamerica reply


They don’t even know what I’m talking about. But I bet they remember the five million bucks they got!

techamerica list


Now, also in the official DOL disclosure on training grants, they end with this line –

The original solicitation for grant applications announced funding of $240 million to be awarded through two rounds of funding. Because additional H-1B visa fees have been collected, about $100 million more than anticipated has been awarded.

Think about that for a second. They processed 577,298 visa requests (and approved them!) which resulted in a windfall of money. The American Worker Competitiveness fee which funds the so called training is $750 for small companies and 1500 for large companies. Lets say it’s 1000. That’s 578 MILLION they took in for retraining!  They actually spent 340 million in grants out to companies who took most of the money and idd nothing, and a few trained illegal Mehicanos how to do sheet metal work and their illegal wives how to be nursing assistants.

Now, let me put this into perspective for you. Brilliant American engineers are throw out so companies can bring in slave labor Indians with fake degrees on the H-1B program, and the training grants specified to HELP said thrown away engineers MOSTLY goes to train MEXICAN illegal invaders to become medical assistants. I love my country I freakin love it.



  1. genomega1 · · Reply

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    The Rape of the American Engineer Continues in Massive Numbers – H-1B Visas Sold OUT!

  2. RK Sharma · · Reply

    Republicans should shift discussion on immigration related to jobs. Carefully see on one hand all white collars jobs are going to immigrants, look at IT industry in USA, all jobs are being controlled by South Indians who don’t hire anybody except one of their own kind (nepotism, corruption and large scale bribery is going on), end result largest technical genocide on Americans in White collars Jobs.

    I am sure democrats and women also need jobs, no matter how feminist she can be, there must be someone in her home whether father, brother, son, cousin who doesn’t have a job, a job which has gone to South Indian or Chinese because company won’t train the American. In IT industry one can look around and see 2-3 Americans in whole department. It is all South Indians.

    Coming to illegal immigration, again democrats will get one party government for ever, if this legalization of 11-14 million illegals is done by giving them citizenship. Just give them life long work permit and no citizenship, no right to vote, make it mandatory if they take healthcare and public welfare, there work permits will be revoked along with deportation, make e-verify mandatory, punish employers who hire illegals. I am sure democrats may not understand congested roads, burden on schools, healthcare and burden on natural resources like water, but they will understand increase in crime (since it is difficult to track illegal Mexicans and Central Americans) and loss of jobs. Again someone in democrat home must have lost job in construction industry, maintenance industry like lawn mowing etc. Bottom line is administration can’t run America on few burger flipping jobs and by just giving speeches, also who will pay for welfare once all of them are on welfare.

    1. Great post Sharma. “a job which has gone to South Indian or Chinese because company won’t train the American.” It’s not even the case, the companies are throwing away their best and brightest who lack nothing, and replacing them with slave wage indians just to save a buck. Theres no need for training.

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