California’s Jerry Brown Welcomes Illegal Invaders, Yet State is Already Out of Water

Jerry Brown made a shocking proclamation this week welcoming illegal invaders promising them drivers licenses and free welfare. Yet as the state population grows where will the water come from? Already many communities have utterly run out of water with even wells running dry. They call it “drought” but the reality is it’s population using water, and every illegal alien uses more and more water. There has been no planning or foresight, just mad suicidal government policy that is paving over some of the most fertile land in the world while the green valleys turn brown due to lack of water, now diverted to quench the thirst of 30 million illegal invaders.

“We can’t shower. We’re wearing dirty clothes. My kids had to wear dirty clothes to school this morning,” said Elizabeth Baker. “I had to go across the street last night to get water for my kids from the fire department.”

The county set up a 5,000-gallon water tank for residents to help with flushing toilets and irrigation, but now drinking water is the problem. They had to distribute more than 15,000 gallons of drinking water last week.

There are fears the problem could be even worse as people believe some people aren’t reporting their wells have gone dry out of fear their landlords will evict them, or their children will be taken away. In fact, the county didn’t know how dire the problem was until they were tipped off by a nonprofit group.

Donna Johnson has been delivering water to those in need for months. She’s even taken out a loan to pay for the water.

“It just became like a job. I’m delivering water, and I guess my head went get up and do this,” she said. “Sometimes i go home and cry because some of the situations are so sad right now.”

The county handed out 12 gallons of water per person in need, which is considered a three-week supply. It hopes the state reimburses the $30,000 they’ve spent on water.


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  1. This sort of thing is happening all over the western world. It’s more than clear by now that this is a conspiracy to bastardize the whole western white world. Living standards are falling in line with the aim to lower all the western world to third world status. The idea behind this is that they will be easier to control under a single world government AKA the New World Order. This single government will in turn be governed by unelected faceless wonders who will make Nazi Germany look like Utopia.

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