Rihanna Goes To Award Show Naked, Two Broke Girls Show and Bachelor In Paradise Reach New Lows For Stupid Programming


The emperor has no clothes! That’s what a kid yelled in the fairy tale. Now Rihanna thinks its ok to show up with nothing on. But it’s ok, because she’s black I guess.

Then there’s the TV show Bachelor in Paradise.

“Shes Hot”

“Like Yah”

“Boy I want some alone time with her”

“Yah shes hot”

Then a new pretty girl shows up and seeing everyone coupled up except the black guy, who the half black chic is trying to get, the white girl picks him for a special date night. Without even a care in the world that he’s black.

Or there’s the new show “Two Broke Girls” which has dialog fit for a six year old if it weren’t for all the drug use reference and boob jokes. In one show all the members of the show smoke a joint. Watch an expisode if you can without puking how stupid they think Americans are. Sadly, they are right.


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