Protestors Turn Back Department of Homeland Security Busses Filled With Illegal Aliens

DHS Bus Tries to Unload illegal Aliens all across America

DHS Bus Tries to Unload illegal Aliens all across America

In a shocking twist, Illegal aliens aboard a Department of Homeland Security bus was turned back by American protestors who carried signs such as “Impeach Obama” and “When you crossed the border you broke the law”.  A crowd of police tried to force the busses through the crowd, but the crowds stood firm. The original plan had been for a never ending stream of busses to arrive with thousands of invaders to Murrieta, but now they are being re-routed to San Diego which due to its high hipster population, no one seems to care about invasion.


“I’m gonna kick you F@#$%ing A@#$” screamed an American at a Mexican who was protesting “No One is Illegal”


Other mexicans screamed “Viva La Reconquista!”


The Mexican is right, according to Nancypants Pelosi who uttered amazingly “We are one region divided by a border” what the heck does that mean? How does a nation live without a border especially when it is surrounded by third world countries with millions upon millions of uneducated poor.



  1. Nancy Pelosi is a COMMUNIST. Read Gorbachev’s 1990 book “Perestroika” which details how the world will be ordered into “Regional Trading Blocs” (- i.e. “One region with a border”).

    We are being subjected to COMMUNISM folks. Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, Clintons. ALL of them old hippies from the 60s and all died-in-the-wool COMMUNISTS..

    NAU is communism. NAFTA is COMMUNISM. TPP (led by Communist Zionist Michael Froman) is COMMUNISM. ASEAN is COMMUNISM.


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