More H-1B Love – Chinese Couple Steal Hybrid Engine Secrets from GM

As Companies like GM, Dell, and IBM continue to endlessly hire H-1B citizens and throw away their American engineers sentencing them to death and poverty, they are reaping what they sow. Thousands of foreign nationals are stealing all their trade secrets and bringing them back to their home country. The latest case involved a Chinese couple who started a Company in China to manufacture Hybrid engines and sell the technology to other companies. The only problem? The stuff they were selling came from the four thousand technical designs they stole from GM.

A U.S. prosecutor said on Monday that a former General Motors engineer and her husband stole secrets related to the automaker’s hybrid technology with the intention of using the information to develop similar vehicles in China.

According to the prosecution, Shanshan Du stole information which GM values at over $40 million and gave it to her husband, Yu Qin, who sought to use in conjunction with GM’s competition in China.

“This case is about theft as well as deceit,” prosecutor Michael Martin said during the opening statements of the Detroit trial, according to Bloomberg. The defendants are “partners in life, partners in business and partners in crime.”

This is not the first time automakers have allegedly caught employees spying for Chinese companies. Last year, ex-Ford Motor Co. engineer Xiang Dong Yu was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to stealing secrets from Ford. He’d copied 4,000 Ford designs worth millions of dollars the night before he quit the automaker. He then went to work for Beijing Automotive Industry Corp.

Espionage involving China has been seen in other industries as well. Last August, a former Motorola employee, Hanjuan Jin, was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing trade secrets. The FBI has also recently alleged that Coca-Cola was the target of a cyber attack from a Chinese company after a failed acquisition, according to Bloomberg.

In this most recent case of stolen trade secrets, U.S. attorneys have alleged that Du provided the information for her husband and the company that they started together, called Millennium Technology International. The plan was that she would provide the secrets and her husband would work on business ventures for selling hybrid vehicles in China with GM’s competition.

During her time at GM as an electrical engineer — from 2000 to 2005 — Du purposefully found assignment on a hybrid research project with the intent of stealing secrets, according to the U.S. GM sought Du’s resignation in 2005, which accelerated the process of the theft.

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  1. *eyeroll* Part of the problem with H1B **GUEST WORKERS** is that journalists (like you) throw around the word CITIZEN like it means nothing.

    Of course in the USA these days CITIZEN does mean SERF. So I guess that’s okay.

    The H1B is NOT a ‘citizen’ or an ‘immigrant’ VISA. And until journalists such as yourself figure this out, we, and any of our children who would have a STEM career are fundamentally fucked.

    -Drunken Economist

    [ It is an Immigrant visa, most hope to receive green cards on it and 60% do eventually get their permanent residency. Just because they call it a temporary visa doesn’t mean that is the truth, it’s a path to citizenship plain and simple]

  2. jetom001 · · Reply

    The cuckoo’s nest with trade secrets.

  3. And all of the Ivy league shools in the US accept lots of students from China every year. These schools don’t give a sh*t about American students. I know 1 American kid scored 2340 in SAT and her GPA was 3.8 but she got rejected by those schools. Do you think those Chinese will help rebuilding this country?


    By Patrick Wood
    June 4, 2008

    Do we have a responsibility to shell out some $8 billion per year in taxpayer money to educate over 60,000 communist Chinese students in American universities? That is, the very students who return to China to take jobs, factories and even entire industries away from American workers?

    Apparently so, according to the U.S. State Department division that panders to wannabe Chinese students.

    In a 2005 speech given by Donald Bishop, attached to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China, Bishop eagerly told prospective students how to game the American educational system for an essentially free education at taxpayer expense. He told them how to secure student visas, which programs to apply for, and how to get additional money to maintain themselves while in the United States.

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