McALLEN, Tex. — At the Republican debate on Wednesday and throughout the campaign, candidates led by Donald J. Trump have assailed illegal immigration, and some have questioned whether children who are born to immigrants in this country illegally should be considered American citizens. But here on the Texas border some local officials are engaged in […]

OK Cast of characters: TRUMPO: aka the Donald, the Hair Has declared bankruptcy many times Wants to build a wall Diagnosis: Will funnel many make work projects through Trump International and rename America Trumpica within 5 years JEbadiah: aka the annoying square, the pipsqueak Makes even narcs uncomfortable Cheated to get elected in Florida with […]

She’s known for her love for social media, posting frequent updates at any given opportunity. But on Saturday, kylie  may have taken it a bit too far by sharing a racy lip-biting video on Snap Chat. The 18-year-old filmed herself having a nibble at her 25-year-old boyfriend Tygrah’s mouth during a night out in New York […]

Harris Faulkner, co-host of Outnumbered on Fox News and anchor of Fox Report Weekend, is suing toy manufacturer Hasbro for five million dollars because she claims a plastic hamster in the Littlest Pet Shop line they produce infringes on her likeness. The lawsuit, which was filed in a New Jersey district court, is claiming  Harris has suffered “commercial and emotional […]

Migrants claiming to be from Syria are actually in fact the same welfare trash from middle African failed countries. There isn’t war, there isn’t chaos, there is just blacks without the IQ to rule themselves or repair the sewage systems that whites left for them. So they shit on the beaches and in the streets. […]

The outspoken rapper took to the stage to pick up the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement at last night’s Video Music Awards before launching into one of his characteristically lengthy speeches. To illustrate his point that such ceremonies are pointless, Kanye drew upon a 2007 memory of seeing Justin Timberlake crying after losing out […]

Rand Paul’s silence on immigration has already cost him the election. Without standing toe to toe with Trump, no one cares about Rand anymore. And that’s a shame because Paul has a lot of good like his support for the bill of rights. The thing is, Trump’s immigration stance is awkward, unclear, and the wall […]